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    I just installed the OS X server on my iMac. I was not sure how a server worked which is exactly why I installed it. I knew nothing about website development until I started the learning process and nothing about forums such as this one until I started the installing and learning the process and here is a huge "Kudo" to anyone who goes into something without knowledge so that they can learn that which they don't know much about.

    This is in response to a post made to someone here who asked for help and got derided for asking what I am going to also ask about the OS X server.

    Where is a great place to learn about the OS X server? I hope it is here so that I can ask a few questions now and then. I want to better understand how servers work and reading about it doesn't begin to help understanding like jumping into it with both feet will. Thanks for any suggestions for further research. I went into the Navy in 1968 with the same attitude. I learned a lot by doing, not reading.
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    Check out these videos on OS X server Todd Olthoff They are very thorough.
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    Read the PDF from Apple's website on OS X Server Administration.

    Unfortunately, the book or the PDF doesn't cover everything. Nor can I find information that does. So a lot of it is just luck and trial/error or posting for help.
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    Thank you for this link.

    Wish I had more time to view them though...

    Little Snitch tutorials too! Cool.


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