OS X unexpectedly quitting!?!?!?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by kashmoney2006, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Dec 12, 2007
    So it has happened to me twice in the past couple days. A couple days ago i left my MBP on and also had it open over night. When it is idle for a certain amount of time the computer will go to sleep, which it did, but the problem occurred when i tried to wake it up the next morning as it would not wake up. I had to instead hold down the power button until the computer turned off, and then turned it back on again. It started up fine except i got the error report saying something along the lines of "Your computer had to be restarted after Mac OS X quit unexpectedly" and asked if i wanted to report this problem to apple (which i did). I wouldn't think much of it but, this exact thing happened again later that day. Does anybody know why this happened? Has anybody else had this problem? I am running Leopard OS X 10.5.1 so i was thinking that it may just be some kind of bug in Leopard, although i have been running leopard pretty much since it came out and haven't had this happen until now.
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    If it doesn't happen again don't worry about it. I would try to re-install Leopard if it does happen again.
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    there is already a thread here about that issue...

    the sleep issue, where some cant sleep and others is hard to wake up, in Library>receipts delete th 10.5.1 udate and re-install the same update, also I would delete the powermanagement.plist file, check the Energy Saver panel to see if it does not conflict with the screensaver. If Screensaver has
    the password set, deselect until the issue is resolved. If anything try making a secondary account and see how that behaves, if its better just copy all your files over and delete the old account.
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    Please do not reinstall OSX. Unless you've recently installed some questionable software (Adium gets mentioned frequently in this category), then your problem is very likely hardware-related, if it happens more than very rarely.

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