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    Hi there,

    Running OS X 10.10 Public Beta 4 (clean install) and iOS 8.0 o my iPhone.

    I know my Mac is unsupported for Handoff, but I have a single question regarding Notification Center:

    All my iMessages go in synch between the devices, but NOT A SINGLE FINDER NOTIFICATON shows up, although I have set up in the System Preferences > Notification as to allow displaying of badges, alerts and sounds on the Mac.

    Do you happen to have any idea why this behaviour? I even hear a new iMessage sound when somebody writes to me, but I have to open the Messages app on my Mac to see what has been written.

    Annoying. Is there any way to make Notification Center work properly?

    Thank you!

  2. GoGas38 macrumors newbie

    Mar 1, 2013

    Similar problem. My Notification Panel is completely blank even though all Apps are configured to use the Notification Centre. Did you solve the problem?
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    Thread is 3 weeks old, but installing the newest version of both iOS8 and Yosemite might populate your NC as it should be.
  4. GoGas38 macrumors newbie

    Mar 1, 2013
    Thanks. Yesomite was only installed 6 days ago, 1 week after official release so I think it is latest. Also there are two users on computers for one Notifciation Centre works OK ( e.g. Mail is shown and mail previews ) for the other use it is blank. Bizarrely the two users both have accounts on a MCBook and iMac. The user that has the problem has same issue on BOTH Yesomite computers while user who has it working has it working fine on both machines.

    This seems to suggest it is something with the User and also somehow linked to iCloud as not sure how the same problem could occur on both Macs for the same user. The fix using terminal described earlier in this the rad did not work to solve issue.(the user with the problem has iOS8.1 on iPad and iPhone as does user without the problem)

    Does anybody know of possible link between iCloud and NC and how this can be reconfigured?

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