OS X Yosemite crashed 08 MBP with OWC SSD

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  1. Wymapper, Aug 6, 2014
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    Wymapper macrumors newbie

    Aug 6, 2014
    After several backups, I downloaded OS X Yosemite, Public Beta on my early 2008 MBP with OS X 10.93 and a OWC SSD and 60GB of free space. Mac acted a little strange after download, desktop opened slowly and was grayed out with a bright window asking if I wanted to install Yosemite, unfortunately I said yes. I can't get the MBP to boot either in Yosemite, or Mavericks on a tested USB HD, or with the original Snow Leopard DVD. No response from the screen or boot sound, black screen.
    1. Apple support says the screen has failed, but left side of MBP gets hot and no fan noise. Bootable USB HD lights up but does not respond. Boot DVD spends up but does not load, Black screen.
    2. OWC says I should remove the SSD and try to boot from the USB HD or DVD, will try tomorrow. This SSD has worked great for the last ten months with Mavericks.
    3. Apple service tech says I should try a DVI monitor, but without drive noise or boot sound I don't think this will work.
    4. I have tried a Network boot, all the startup hold keys, and removing the battery for a cold start.

    Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? I been using MACs since the mid '80s, but this is the first problem I haven't been able to fix.
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  3. Wymapper thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 6, 2014
    MBP still dead after loading Yosemite

    MBP (4-1), early 2008, still will not startup, black screen.
    1. Tried resetting PRAM. No Change.
    2. Removed SSD drive (OWC). replaced original Hard Drive with tested boot Mavericks 10.9.4. Fan started working. No other responce.
    3. Can't get Mt Lion DVD to eject, Optical drive spends up on startup, but nothing happens.
    4. Will try an external monitor tonight, but don't expect anything to happen.

    Can't contact Yosemite technical or give Yosemite feedback without Yosemite booted up. No Feedback assistant without bootup. Got to Applecare second level with no help. They said they would pass it on to an engineer.

    Can anyone help?
  4. Wymapper thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 6, 2014
    Logic board fried on Early 08 MBP

    Apparently my logic board fried at the same time as I installed Yosemite public beta on my early 08 MBP as per test at a Simply Mac. Strange coincidence, though the computer was running hot. Now I have to decide if I should buy a used 08 and add my upgrade SSD and 6GB memory or buy a new 15" for $2K. I can use my SSD as an external. This is my first Mac major failure with six Mac's since 1987, but I guess six years on a hard used notebook isn't all that bad. Hope my 71 years old eyes can handle the retina display.
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    Well, unfortunately the issue is not with the hard drive/SSD or the logic board frying its self. This is an issue caused by the Ball-Grid Array (BGA) connector that is used the hold the graphics chip to the logic board. Unfortunately, this was not an unavoidable issue. Trying to upgrade to Yosemite might have actually sent the GPU over the edge if it warmed up too much.

    This isn't the first time I have seen an Early-2008 die from upgrading to Yosemite either. Someone else on the forums posting something about upgrading to Yosemite beta and the laptop no longer working. I have yet to year anything happen tot the late 2008 MBPs (the first unibodies) when upgrading to Yosemite.

    Now, Apple did initiate a REP (Repair Extension Program) for these machines, but the program ended in Dec 2012. The one problem with the REP is that if you had an affected machine, the machine had to show symptoms of the issue when brought to Apple.

    My two suggestions are: #1. call AppleCare and ask to speak to someone in Customer Relations. They are the ones who will have the authorization to cover Out of Warranty repairs either through the depot or an Apple Store. Now unless you live in California, Apple no longer has to stock the parts for this machine. This is because in most states they only require the manufacture to hold onto parts for 3-5 years (2011-2013) from the date of introduction, but in California they have to keep the parts in stock for 7 years (2015). #2. purchase a replacement. I would recommend purchasing a new MacBook Pro Retina if you can afford it, or a used MacBook Pro. Just make sure to stay away from the pre-unibody models (early 2008 and prior) and 2011 models as they are prone to the same problem.

    Hope this helped!
  6. Wymapper thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 6, 2014
    Thanks IamMACPerson,
    Tried 2nd level Apple Customer service with little luck, only offered $100 off a Apple Store MBP without using other discounts, I purchased a new high end 15" MBP for about $400 less through some dealing. I plan to use the 256 SSD, 256 GB HD, and DVD drives as externals from my early 08 MBP, I dropped plans to repair or merge parts with a used system. 16GB memory and 512GB Flash with retina display are nice. Disappointed that Ethernet has to use an adapter, guess the MBP body is to thin for the RJ45.

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