OS X's interface is way too inconsistent

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by coolsoldier, Sep 28, 2003.

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    Look at Safari, iTunes, Finder, Graphing Calculator (OS 9), and GIMP (X11).

    Each has it's own set of widgets, it's own window scheme, it's own menu bar system (well, Aqua and Metal use the same menu bar), and generally there's no interface consistency on the mac desktop.

    I know there are various programs that can make all of these different interfaces a little more consistent (Liquid for Classic, Metallifizer for Metal, GTK-AquaX for X11, etc.), but Apple really needs to work on getting all of their different interfaces on the same page

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    You cannot really compare OS 9 apps to OS X apps and say how it doesn't flow. It isn't meant to flow since it isn't an OS 9 program. As far as the rest, it seems like Panther is going to be dying a lot of loose knots as far as unifying the polar metal/aqua looks. All these new programs that have been coming out and changing more and more here and there seem to be hints pointing towards what Apple has been working on with the graphical interface of 10.3. Now that Finder will be brushed metal along with many of the other apps, and a lot of the widgets being updated, along with a new Apple logo and all, it seems like they are on the right track towards a more uniform look and feel.
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    I personally enjoy the variety of looks in Mac OS X. Until Expose gets out with 10.3 seeing the different windows designs is the best way for me to tell which window belongs to which application. I also find it amazing that Apple has managed to develope numerous sleek GUI standards, where as each version of the Windows OS just recycles the same version of suck.
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