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  1. amtjb, Jan 18, 2011
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    Jan 5, 2011
    I bought OS Xserver Snow Leopard 10.6 that came package with a Mac Mini. I attempted to install that version of Xserver Snow Leopard 10.6 on a dual 3.0ghz intel Xserve. It will not install on this Xserve. I keep getting a message which says, " Mac OS can't be installed on this computer". I erased the one internal drive in my Xserve. I formatted that drive with Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Is the OS Xserver that comes package with the Mac Mini server the same as the RETAIL version of OS Snow Leopard Xserver? Is there something that I am not aware of which is keeping the Mac Mini version of OS Xserver Snow Leopard from installing?
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    The version comes with Mac Mini Server is most likely for that computer only.
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    Jan 5, 2011
    Thank you for the information.
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    Any included copy of OS X only works with the model it came with. However, I think you can use the OS X server key on different hardware, you just need the retail disks.
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    Confusion between disks shipped with boxes, and retail disks.

    I also have Server running on a Mini. The disks that ship with the Apple machines (usually have a dark grey color scheme) are CUSTOM to the machine they ship with and usually (in my experience, always) do NOT install on anything other than that precise configuration. I learned the hard way trying to configure RAID on the two included 2.5" hard drives. If you have a RETAIL version of the server operating system (a disc with a picture of the Snow Leopard on it), then you should have no problem installing assuming there are no Intel/G5 issues. Also, the Xserve itself should have come with install discs that were "native" to it, so that would be aother choice you could explore.
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    Les Kern

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    install on the Mini, then carbon copy cloner to the Xserve.
    then to keep it legal, delete it from the mini.

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