OS4 doesn't show how much music the Watch can hold.....

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by nippyjun, Sep 22, 2017.

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    I just noticed that with watchOS 4 it no longer says in the music section on the iPhone watch app how many songs you are able to store on the phone or how many gigabytes of music you're able to store on your phone.

    Is there a section that I am not finding where it says what the limit is on how many songs you can have on your phone?

    One review said that it is now locked at 2gb. Is that for the Watch 3 LTE as well ?
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    This is in the Watch app on phone..
    Not sure you would be able to see the number of tracks allowed as an audio file could be 2mb or 50mb.

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    It has always been locked at 2GB. That's not new. What is, is that LTE doubles the available memory from 8GB to 16GB yet we are still limited to 2GB. Poor show.
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    If they open up 8gb or more for music I'd upgrade to the Series 3 LTE from the original watch. There's no reason to not allow more space if it's available. My watch sits with over 2gb of free space I'll never use because of the music storage restriction.

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