os9 hell error type 11 please have a heart !

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Gokhan, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Gokhan macrumors 6502a

    Oct 7, 2003

    i have got a ti powerbook 1ghz 64mb graphics and was wondering whether like i have heard i can boot this machine in to os 9.

    i have got a os9 system folder and applications folder on hd and classic runs fine !

    but when i try restart under os 9 or start up from os 9.2.2 install cd it gives me a message saying :

    error type 11 please temporarily turn off extensions and restart
    i do but still get the same error !!! argghh i also zapped the pram to no avail !!!

    help me please i beg you !!!!
  2. Gokhan thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 7, 2003
    why no help

    guys i know i can be a bit of an ass but why the cold turkey treatment from forums all of a sudden who did i upset !!!!

    give a guy a break geeezzz
  3. altair macrumors regular

    Nov 22, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    Whats OS 9?

    um, hold shift, doesnt that turn off extensions or something? meh, i ferget, greatest day of my life was when i didnt install OS 9 on my machine :p
  4. Duff-Man macrumors 68030


    Dec 26, 2002
    Albuquerque, NM
    Duff-Man says....you waited a whole 45 minutes before complaining that nobody responded...what enormous patience you have. :rolleyes:

    As said, when it starts booting OS 9, hold the shift key to turn off extensions...it sounds like you may have something in your OS 9 system extensions folder that your laptop does not play well with....there is/was a great utility for troubleshooting extension conflicts called "Conflict Catcher" but the company is no longer around......oh yeah
  5. Mechcozmo macrumors 603


    Jul 17, 2004
    Next time wait an hour or so!

    Start up while holding the Shift key.
    Then use the Extensions Manager to disable ones that you suspect of causing problems.
    Repeat. A lot.

    Or try and find that "Conflict Catcher" software... damn, that would have been handy a few times....
  6. Gokhan thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 7, 2003
    sorry guys have been getting no replys lately !!

    anyways i tried holding shift and it still comes up with this error 11 but on apples os9 compatability chart i think my ti powerbook can only boot os 9.2.2 i purchased a copy of os9 from apple and i think its os9.1 so that may be the problem !

    if it is how do i update my os9 that i use with classic to 9.2.2
  7. Gokhan thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 7, 2003

    done it !!!!

    updated os 9 to 9.2.2 and loaded up like a charm !!!

    god i love it when apple's work out (fingers crossed)

    so all u late ti pb owners update to 9.2.2 only 23 mb download

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