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    I have a Mac version OSX 10.5.8. There hasn’t been any updates available for a while and I cannot update the browsers I currently use (Safari , Firefox).

    I need a compatible browser which uses TLS 1.2 , since my bank’s website no longer accepts TLS 1.1 protocol or lower.

    Are there any browsers compatible with OSX 10.5.8. and offer TLS 1.2 protocol?

    Thank you in advance
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    Very low security with that vintage of the OS. Many would advise you not to do banking with such an outdated OS and the browsers it will run.
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    What model is your Mac? In particular, is it a PowerPC Mac?

    If so, you might be able to run TenFourFox:

    To download it, you'll probably need to use the TenFourFox Downloader.

    MacRumors has an entire forum for PowerPC Macs:

    If you have other questions about a PowerPC Mac, posting there will be more visible to members who can quickly answer.

    If your Mac isn't a PowerPC Mac, then you'll be better served by upgrading to a newer OS version. At that point, newer browsers with TLS 1.2 will run.
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    Unless you're dirt poor, perhaps it's time to start shopping for a new (or at least, "newER") Mac...

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