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    Hi All,
    I am acquiring a Mac OSX 10.8 server from another University and have some questions that pertain to getting on the network while keeping everything running properly. We have an Enterprise firewall that I have to submit for exceptions.
    It is a mac mini running server 10.8 with the following services showing as active: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Filesharing, Software updates, and DNS. The owner and group use it as a file server, backup server with ChronoSynch, and to run one person’s Calendar and Contacts (CalDev/CardDev). May questions are as follows:

    1. The DNS service is running. How do I determine if it is actually being used/is necessary for any app, service or client, or if it was merely on by default when the server was built, and not really needed by anything (like CalDev, CardDev, Mail, File Sharing).

    2. In regard to the CalDev/CardDev, if the DNS name/host name of the server is changed, will the calendar and contacts remain intact, where the user will merely have to reconfigure their clients using the new DNS name?

    3. In regard to the Contacts, I read a write up where it says to run Open Directory and have Apple Push Notifications configured. Is Open Directory Proxy what I need to allow in regard to a firewall protocol exception? [(port 625,TCP(ODProxy) (Unregistered Use)-dec_dlm Open Directory, Server app, Workgroup Manager; DirectoryServices in OS X Lion and earlier.]

    Also, how should Apple Push Notifications be configured?

    4. In regard to the Mail service running, I know the users will use our Enterprise mail system but it seems that CalDev needs smtp and imap to send out and receive invitations. If not using this feature, can one skip this part of the use/configuration of it, or is it needed for other reasons? Is this a reason to setup and run the Mail service on the server even if users won’t use this feature?

    5. In regard to the Contacts, why would I need to publish LDAP contacts through the service and really, how does contacts/CardDav use LDAP?
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    OK, since nobody else has offered an answer I'll give it a go. I ran Snow Leopard Server but have since upgraded to Mountain Lion then Mavericks Server. I use all the services you mention but Mail server.

    In Snow Leopard Server it was required that DNS Service be set up (and set up correctly!) for the server to work. I just assume that is still the case. The server is set to use itself as it's DNS server. It should not be necessary to have any other systems use it as a DNS server.

    The client programs handle having multiple servers. Upon first connection the contacts/calendars will populate with the entries that are on the new server, but any old contacts/calendars will remain. Probably not quite what you were hoping for, but nothing will be lost.

    Can't help you here. I access outside the LAN using VPN rather than opening a port specific for this.

    Just make sure the feature is turned off. I had a process hang when I initially installed Mountaln Lion Server because this was enabled by default and I don't use Mail server.

    You don't. I don't.

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