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Oct 25, 2010
On my Mac Pro 5.1 , I have recently switched from OSX Mavericks to High Sierra , upgrading, not a clean install .

Accordingly, I have also installed the latest version of LCC/ Logitech Control Center 3.9.10 - but I didn't uninstall the previous version 3.30 before the switch to HS, and now the old uninstaller is no longer working .

Either way, my Logitech M510 mouse is all over the place, scrolling in particular is messed up .
It's choppy, like the issues reported with OSX Sierra back then, only starts to act after 2-3 clicks/scrolls of the wheel .

The mouse worked very well in Mavericks with the even then outdated LCC 3.30, while later LCC versions had the exact same issues as described above . In High Sierra, LCC 3.30 isn't compatible anymore .

I've installed scrolling smoothing apps ( MOS and Smootscroll ) to regain basic scrolling functionality, but in many aplications it won't work very well .
Games in particular are hopeless, the scroll wheel is very erratic in its function .

I'd be very gratefull for any advice ; should I maybe uninstall all of LCC manually, and reinstall the latest version - and how ?
Is there a way to extraxt the old drivers coming with LCC 3.30 and make them work with the new LCC ?

I'm a bit desperate, to be frank, having to work with a compromised mouse is quite an issue .
I also did a lot of searching on that already, to no avail .


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Jul 8, 2013
do you need the control centre? Does the OS basic driver not work with all the buttons or something? I can definitely see it breaking with the OS update, since as you suspect, the new system may not want to load or use the old drivers.
I'd check and see if USBOverDrive is still supported/updated. That will make any device work exactly how you want, very customizable. Not free but works with a raft of devices.
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Feb 20, 2009
I would UN-install the Logitech Control Center software.
Then, I would RE-install it.

If that doesn't cure the problems, I suggest you UN-install the Logitech software, and try "SteerMouse" instead:
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Mar 17, 2007
I use bettertouchtool myself it allows me to use all the buttons as I wish on my VX Revolution. I always found the LCC to be a piece of junk that had extra actions that occurred at random it seemed, work one minute then not the next, especially if changed from the default action to another, it would revert back to the default all the time.

Edit: It was good for one thing, it would show the battery charge level and allow you to pair new receiver if I remember correctly, it has been so long not sure of the last one.
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