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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by VictoryHighway, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Hello All,
    I don't know if this is the right board to post this, or if the Mac OS X Server, XServe and Networking board would be better.

    When Lion came out, I upgraded my Mac Mini (which I've used as a server even though it only had Snow Leopard client installed). I installed the "Server" add on.

    I have multiple external hard drives connected to the mini. I'm using two different drives for time machine backups from two different Macs. With just the standard file sharing enabled, I have no problems with Time Machine backing up to those drives with Snow Leopard clients.

    However, when I upgraded my main Mac Pro to Lion, Time Machine would no longer back up to the network drive. I keep getting the infamous "The Network Backup Disk Does Not Support The Required AFP Features" message. I have since reverted to Snow Leopard via a disk image that I made before upgrading to Lion.

    I notice that in the Server.app, there is a dedicated Time Machine Service. I have tested this with a Lion client test set up. This works, but it doesn't allow me to select more than one volume that I can use as a Time Machine target. Does anyone know what the "Time Machine" service actually does that is different from standard AFP file sharing? Is there a way to hack the Time Machine service to allow more than one time machine backup volume? Finally, assuming that I can get Time Machine in Lion to connect at all, can I safely migrate my existing Time Machine backup archives to Lion?

    I appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

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    I was using a similar setup with an iMac with an upgraded 3TB drive. I wanted it to be the backup hub for the two MBP and a white MB I have at home. After upgrading all clients to lion I cannot use the iMac as a TM destination. The iMac has Lion Server. Any ideas anyone?
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    Has anyone figured this out?

    I, too, would like to use multiple destination disks (external drives) for backing up multiple different computers with Time Machine. I have an external HD that is split into 3 partitions, 2 of which I would like to use for backing up 2 different computers via TM. However, in the Time Machine potion of the Lion Server app, you are apparently only allowed to designate a single partition as the destination for the TM back-ups. I really can't imagine that Apple would think it a good idea to back-up a multitude of client machines on a single partition.
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    Thanks a lot, Apple, for removing functionality...

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