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OSX / MacOS - Quicklook default volume


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi Guys,

I'm using macOS Catalina, yet I feel my inquiry is not specific to any 1 version of macOS.

Is there a way to change the default volume of any video we view within Quicklook to your choosing? If not is there a way to specifically set the Quicklook volume to remember the last level you've set on a previous video (even after a restart)? Not all my movies have the same volume set, so when I Quicklook a video it may start up blaring the speakers and potentially embarrassing, whereas a movie not so bad.

I've found this link:
Which mentions a sub-link about changing Quicklooks default windows size by editing the Info.plist in the path: "/Library/QuickLook/iWork.qlgenerator/Contents/Info.plist" but I don't see anything related to volume. BTW I use Xcode so that opens up the plist file by default.

Does anyone have a solution or an idea?


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