OSX memory problems


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May 9, 2001
A friend of mine owns a Apple store here in Caracas (Venezuela) and we were trying out some suspicius memory modules he had. Well, he has a Pismo just like mine and one of the memories he had didn't work with his computer but worked perfectly with mine (he had it for a very, very low price in Miami). Some how he found out that after upgrating the sistem ROM of the computer to install OSX, the computer doesn't reconize that kind of memory, but my computer had OS 9.2 only and it didn't care.

This memories where 2 250MB (I mean 256 sorry) put togather in the same chip, some wird experiment that I'm sure the new ROM can check.

So, if you are using OS9 and plan to install OSX you may have some problems if your memory doesn't acomplish Apple standarts.


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Aug 14, 2001
I didn't know they made 250mb chips, let alone two connected together. I'd stay away from those numbers.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
A while back it was posted about issues addressing sub-standard memory modules after updating to a newer firmware version.

I would suspect anything that you get cheap. If the price was too good to be true, then chances are there was something wrong with it.

There are a few things that I can suggest to try... one would be to zap the PRAM (apple+option+P+R on restart), let it chime 3 to 6 times before letting go of they keys. If that doesn't help shut the computer down, open the flap where you plug in just about everything. Look for the small button (should have a triangle near it) use a pen or small tool, press and hold it in for 15-30 seconds. Power the system up and see what happens. You will most likely have to reset the date and time after the second one, and maybe the first as well.

If all else fails, call Apple, describe the problem that he is having and see what they say. They could have a repair that takes care of the issue. If so, and unless the Applecare protection plan was purchased with the laptop, you could have to pay for it.
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