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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bluenoise, Jul 6, 2010.

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    I am having trouble understanding how the over-the-air syncing of Notes is supposed to work. I have a MobileMe account and a Yahoo account. The Yahoo account is my primary email account and it is unique to me, as opposed to being shared with two other iPhones in the family like the MobileMe account.

    If I create a note under the MobileMe account, it shows up nearly instantly in the Mail.app on the Mac under Notes>MobileMe as well as on the other two iPhones. If I create a note under my Yahoo account in Notes, it doesn't appear to show up anywhere I can find. However, I know they're out there somewhere, because I can disable notes syncing in my Yahoo settings (on the phone) and the notes on my iP4 go away. When I enable it again, they pop back into the list.

    Where are the Yahoo notes stored? Where can I view and edit them besides on my iP4? From what I've found so far, it seems there should be a Yahoo folder appearing under 'Notes' in Mail.app on my Mac. All that's there, though, is 'On my Mac' and 'MobileMe.' Additionally, I cannot seem to create a note in Mail.app on the Mac and have it appear on the phone, except under the Notes>MobileMe folder.
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    Notes sync with a folder in Yahoo Mail

    I don't get why they do it this way... especially since Yahoo has a "Notepad" web app, but when you do OTA sync of notes with Yahoo, a new folder gets created in Yahoo Mail called "Notes" and the notes on your iPhone/iPad get put in there as if they are mail messages.

    The other thing to be aware of is that once you add note syncing, your notes can only be saved to one place at a time -- either your phone, or your Yahoo folder. This is set in you phone settings under Notes. When in the Notes app, you can tap "Accounts" and choose which notes to show. It doesn't appear that you can copy notes back and forth between your phone and Yahoo (not from your phone at least).

    It appears to me that as long as you leave it turned on, you can count on Yahoo to keep a backup copy of your notes OTA, but it doesn't seem to be useful for anything else at this point since you can't do anything with the "notes" from within Yahoo since they are treated like emails. Let's hope they improve this feature in the future... maybe even a Google Docs sync option with Google docs-like features? Or I guess you could just get the Google app.
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    I gave up trying to get the built-in apps to work together. Instead, I now use Simplenote. It does everything I wanted and it's free.

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