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    So last night I went tried to update some programs on my ipad but I didn't have the space so the downloads didn't go through...then I went on my ipad on the computer and saw that 1.2 gb were suddenly being taken up by "other" files. I researched the issue and it seems like I had a bunch of corrupted files so I tried to restore my ipad and ended up with about 15 gb of "other" files after the restore (obviously my backup was corrupted). So I ended up starting my ipad from scratch but I now have 290 mb taken up by other even after doing a full restore. I honestly don't remember if that's always the level it's at or if that's where it starts at.

    Can anyone help me out here? Is there any way to get back those 290 mb's or is that normal? If I'm starting from scratch then I at least want to be sure that everything is in good shape so I don't ever have to do this again.
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    This is a question/problem that gets asked often (myself included) and so their are already plenty of threads discussing this, for example: this thread was from today in the iPhone section, though it deals with the same question/problem.


    You can also use MacRumors search at: http://mroogle.*************/ and search the forum for this subject.

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