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    Jun 7, 2011
    I know there are allot of other threads about deleting "other" storage, but I have a different question regarding that storage. I have a brand new iPhone 5 in front of me that came with .60GB of other straight out of the box. On my iPhone 4 it never went above .45GB, is this normal for it to come with .60GB of "other" before I even use it?

    EDIT: As soon as it is synced as a new iPhone with 60 contacts, it jumps to .75 "other" without using any apps or safari.
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    Sep 19, 2012
    From what I have read on other threads regarding the "other" data category, it is normal to have up to 1.5 gb on iOS6. This data takes into account cache and history fom Safari as well as other app data such as contacts, maps, Saved texts/emails, etc.

    I had over 5GB of "other" on my iPhone 4 two days ago. Despite numerous hard reboots and clearing Safari cache I couldn't reduce it. I tried all of the tips recommended on the apple support page as well as the various forums. It wasn't until I erased all of my music files and then resynched them that I was able to get the "other" to drop near 1GB. Apparently things such as interrupting transfers mid-sync can cause the files to be orphaned and put into the "other" category. In my case these files were music tracks.

    So I wouldnt be too concerned at less than 1GB.
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    Ok, glad to hear it is an iOS issue and not my particular device. I have found that the "other" was reduced to .36GB when I set up iCloud for back up, contacts, and calendar vs using iTunes. Kind of weird, but I will take it :). Thank you for your reply.

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