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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JackIsBack, May 2, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to inform everyone on the issues I have been having with my recent purchase from Other World Computing.

    I purchased as a Christmas gift for my son the 480GB Mercury Aura Envoy blade memory to upgrade his 2010 Macbook Air (which originally had 256GB). The memory last just over 1 week before the dreaded question mark folder appeared. My son erased his previous drive after Christmas – so he lost all his data. I tried everything to get it working again and finally returned it a little while later for a replacement unit. The problem is my son is going to school, so I don’t have access to his computer and it takes some time to retrieve it. I finally got the new unit installed in April and then, this time less than a week later, it failed again.

    This time I called and asked for a refund since I had two units fail in exactly the same manner. The customer service representative told me that they analyzed the previous drive and found it be in a “panic state” and it was indeed not useable and was not our fault. He did however refuse to give me a refund and state my only option was to get yet another replacement (I paid over $45 to ship it back the first time – all at my expense). The first time…. they told me that the new drive would work, the odds of getting two bad ones is astronomical, he guarantees it will work. So again on cue, he (another customer service representative) said the same thing… there is no way a third drive would fail and he all but guaranteed it this time as well. My problem is that I lost faith in the quality of the product and would just like my money back… or even a store credit.

    I will not buy another one and I recommend that no one else buys one. I don’t trust the product and I certainly don’t trust their guarantees – if they were good products, they would stand by their products and give me at the very least a store credit to buy something else. My son lost data on two occasions and since he’s going to school and saves his work on the Macbook, I don’t think its fair to ask him to risk losing his data a third time. So for the loss of a simple store credit in the amount of the drive (not too much to ask for)... they risk losing a good customer, I just don't see why they wouldn't be more flexible.

    Has anyone else had similar problems with these drives? The original 256GB blade drive is back in and working fine now - I've never had a problem with them and I have purchased 3 Macbook Airs to date with those drives in them.


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    Yes! My Review of the Transcend JetDrive:

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    Thanks Lou.... guess what I'm going to buy (hint: not from OWC).

    Just a follow up on some things you said that got me thinking.

    The Customer service rep on the the phone told me that the drive they supplied won't work in the Aura enclosure that came with the drive (weird I know).... but that it will only work properly with the Apple one once removed from the computer. This struck me as odd... but I really wasn't sure why until your post. The drive does run hotter then the one supplied, he did hint to that fact and did say that it would be ok in the enclosure for a short period but that I should only run the Apple drive in it for the long haul.

    So... these drives run hotter and are different then the one supplied by Apple... and we all know that Apple uses the best... so now I really don't trust these drives. As I investigate this further .... I'm hearing from other that they are experiencing problems as well ... their computer is running hotter and the fan (which they rarely heard before - some didn't even know they had one) is running way more then normal. I suspect that the hotter operating temperatures are causing these drives to lock into a "panic state". I would suggest to everyone to purchase the other drives that Lou mentions. I searched for drives on the internet before I purchased the one from OWC - but there seemed to be no other option (it was expensive - I paid $500 before shipping and tax)... so I'm glad there is a better and cheaper option available to us all.

    I wish that OWC would do the right thing and take this over $500 brick off my hands - but I fear I'm asking far too much from a company that clearly doesn't back what they sell and a company that needs to be pushed before they do the right thing like in Lou case - where they needed to be nudged by him to pay for the shipping... they never offered me such a courtesy on both occurrences (I spent over $45 shipping it back to them the first time).

    So now I'm left with owing my son a Christmas present - Thanks OWC and Merry Christmas to you too :(

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    Follow up:

    Just for fun - I wrote the Transcend Sales Department asking if I could return my OWC drive to them instead for a discount... I will see what they say.


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