Otterbox Commuter...Improvements! :)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by davistld01, Oct 23, 2014.

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    I have used Otterbox Commuter cases in the past & have appreciated their protection and relative slimness. I had purchased a Commuter the week prior to actually buying my 6, and was very disappointed in the fit of the case on my phone & the overall many others reported. It looked like it was hastily conceived & produced to meet the launch date. Needless to say I returned the Otterbox to my Verizon store. I began using the excellent Apple leather case instead, and have been almost 100% satisfied. My only issue was that it offers little in the way of real protection in case of a real drop.

    Sooo...last week I ordered another Otterbox Commuter from VZW just to see if they had listened to users & made any real improvements. To my suprise...the case went on easily, fits perfectly, and is really very nice. It would be the perfect case for me if it wasn't just bulky enough to make one handed use difficult for a guy with smallish hands like me.

    I'm going back to the Apple case, but I wanted to report that I think Otterbox has apparently gone back to the drawing board & made their Commuter a real winner. That's good news for people who have been Otterbox loyalists in the past! :)
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