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Mr D

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Oct 11, 2007
Anyone have experience with these two cases? I'm currently using the Otterbox Commuter and I like it, however my only gripe with it is the headphone jack and it is difficult to take in and out of the phone.

How is the Speck Candyshell compared to this as far as the headphone jack...works with screen protector...ability to take in and out?



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Jul 29, 2011
Raleigh, NC
I have used both, although my Commuter was for the 4 and the specs may have changed for the 4S. I found both easy to take on/off and had no problems with the headphone jack. Power Support crystal screen protector works fine with both models. My early Candyshells didn't play nice with my Griffin car charger but my 4S models work with any charger, dock, or headphone plug. Both of these cases are good at protecting your phone in case of a fall or drop (speaking from personal experience) That being said, I prefer the Speck Candyshell's appearance/feel and it seems sleeker on the phone although I think the dimensions are very similar. My only gripe is that the Candyshell glossy surface shows scratches. This is not a deal breaker for me as I'm a case addict and like switching out fairly often.:roll eyes: I love Candyshell's wide range of color choices. Both companies have excellent customer service.


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Dec 28, 2009
Go with the Speck Candyshell. I had the Commuter and the battery charger cover drove me nuts. I absolutely love the Speck Candyshell cases. You will NOT be disappointed!!!!
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