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Mar 29, 2012
Hey guys, I've been doing my thread peaking lately on cases, and it seems like their is some hate on the otterbox commuter case. Any specific reasons why? I was going to order this case today in black for my white i5. I don't want to drop 30 bucks on it if I won't like it. Thanks


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Aug 15, 2010
I have had the Commuter for about two weeks now and it is a great case with some caveats. The protection on this thing is top notch and I wouldn't really worry about it if you are rough with your phone.

The one very disappointing area is that I've had fit issues with the cover over the lightning connector. Otterbox customer support was great and sent me out a new Commuter with very minimal questions asked and the new case also had fit issues. I might very well be OCD over it but because the flap doesn't sit flush against the case it really does drive me crazy and I pick at it all day. If you think you can look past this I think it would be a great case to protect an expensive device.


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Sep 30, 2007
This Commuter is very inferior in comparison to the 4S one, in my opinion. The plastic feels a bit cheaper, and there are sharp edges where there really shouldn't be (not a defect, just a design flaw). I would wait for a revision or two before purchasing this case, I bought one and returned it immediately after. This is coming from someone who adored the Commuter on his 4S btw!


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Nov 15, 2010
I really like the case feel in your hand. It's solid when u hold it, so there are no creaks and hollow spots between the case and phone. It feels good when you hold it up to your ear and don't hear any rattles like my old incipio case did. It gives the phone a nice solid substantial feeling without too much bulk like the defender. I like I how I can be rough with the phone and toss it around.

Things i dont like about commuter is first that the right edge is not finished well it's a little bit rough if you look at it compared to the left edge. Maybe a problem with their molds. Secondly is that the plastic on the back is a little slippery and can slide right off your table.

I placed this phone on my counter and was moving stuff around and knocked the phone a bit and it went flying off the counter and into the floor. No damage. So I guess it saved me. Overall I'm pretty happy with this case.

Oh an something about the rubber parts in sunlight looks like its fading already but maybe it's just picking up oils from my hands? I've no clue
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