Otterbox Defender for Ipad 2 Make your Front Cover SMART!

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    Want a smart front cover on your ipad 2 defender case?

    When I got my Otterbox Defender for Ipad 2 from GleeMobile I immediately thought why didn't they utilize the great sleep/wake feature?

    I posted a pretty lengthy review in the other thread dedicated specifically to the Defender as well but thought it might be a good idea to post in the main forum as well.

    The Defender thread seems very negative and complaint driven and not much about the positive qualities of the case.

    For those contemplating getting the Defender despite reading a lot of what comes down to a bunch of negative nonsense. Here's a simple way to make your cover Smart!

    It took me all of ten minutes to do and would have made a great additional feature an selling point for the Defender!

    So simple for Otter to have included ,yet it was not.

    Until now!

    All you do is place a small sliver of a magnet with some double sided tape to the inside part of the front cover and BINGO,

    You have an Otterbox with the Smart cover technology!

    I have included a few pictures of placement, upper left hand corner of front cover you'll see the magnet.

    Obviously the double sided tape showed in the pictures would not be the case once you affix the magnet permanently. You would see nothing!

    Just do a little testing with a small piece of a magnet, and some double sided tape.

    I'm not going to affix the magnet to the inside of my front cover permanently right away as I want to make sure it works for the next couple of days but so far, it hasn't failed once when either removing the front cover or placing it back on!

    Put the cover on, nighty night Ipad,
    take it off good morning Ipad!

    I think this makes a nice little additional feature for this already exceptional sturdy case!

    Try it!

    Magnet attached with double sided tape to inside Otterbox Defender for Ipad 2 front cover


    Ipad on front cover not completely closed.


    Ipad off front cover completely closed
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