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Aug 2, 2015
Hi everyone!

I just ordered the otterbox defender for the 7 plus. Love the case, with the exception of the non-adhesive screen protector. Have seen videos of people removing the screen protector and putting a tempered glass screen protector on instead and still using the defender case. Has anyone done this with the 7 or 7 plus, and if did it fit?


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Sep 14, 2014
I did it with my 7. I use a Dawise edge to edge screen protector and it works great. There will be some glue on the case from taking off the screen protector. I scrub mine off with baby wipes. It should work with any glass screen protector.


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Apr 1, 2009
If you want the built-in screen protector to make full contact with the screen remove the foam on the back of the plastic and then put the phone in and then it will be in contact with the screen
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