Resolved Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender Series (Purchased after 02/10/2011)

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    Attention anyone who purchased an Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender series case on or around the Verizon iPhone release date.

    As many of you already know, Otterbox has released a "Universal" version of their iPhone 4 Defender series case. (Shown Here)


    When I first purchased this case at a local Best Buy I was immediately concerned about the sticker "Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4" that placed on the package and the sheer quantity they actually had on hand on February 10th; the day the case was released. In addition, upon a closer inspection of the cutout surrounding the ringer/silent switch, I noticed that it looked as if someone had taken a Dermal tool to slightly notch out the opening. Along with the sales personnel, I inspected over 10 of these cases and they were all the same. Thinking this was Otterbox's solution, I decided to go ahead and purchase them anyway.

    Moving forward to today, I went to a local Verizon Wireless store and noticed that they too had their own released version of the Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender series case. (Shown Here)


    Along with the sales associate, we inspected several of these cases and determined there are significant differences; especially with the opening surrounding the ringer/silent switch.

    The first difference I noted is the difference in the revisions of the rubber (Shown Here)


    ***Note, the difference in the revision numbers in the casting. On the "Left", Rev D is the Otterbox (Universal) and on the "Right", Rev E is the Otterbox (Verizon)

    The second difference I noted is the difference in the revisions of the housing (Shown Here)


    On the "Top", Rev C is the Otterbox (Universal) and on the "Bottom", Rev D is the Otterbox (Verizon).

    With these revision changes came one major change; the actual placement of the ringer/silent switch is significantly better on the Otterbox (Verizon) than the Otterbox Universal (Shown Here)


    On the "Left" is the Otterbox (Universal) and on the "Right" is the Otterbox (Verizon). Take special note on the Otterbox (Universal) at the bottom of the notch for the ringer/silent switch on the left, you can clearly see that these were retrofitted in order to have cases available for Verizon's iPhone 4 launch day.

    From what I can gather, in talking with various sales associates at several Best Buy locations; Otterbox hired a third party company to visit store locations and modify current stock to allow its use with the new Verizon iPhone 4 and for the products that were field modified, the placement of the "Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4" sticker was part of the procedure.

    In closing, the actual fit of the Otterbox (Verizon) case is significantly better for the Verizon iPhone 4 and is the same price as the Otterbox (Universal) sold at Best Buy and various other retailers. In addition, if you are on a corporate account and receive a discount on accessories, then buying it at a Verizon Wireless location is a no-brainer; I personally purchased two of these cases today for $37.49 each; that's 25% off and an overall savings of $25.00 compared to my purchase at Best Buy. I will be returning the two Otterbox (Universal) cases to Best Buy tomorrow under their 30-day return policy and I will also be e-mailing Otterbox to see what they have to say regarding this issue. The whole thing seems a little less than above board and Otterbox should have just released the proper case from the start as the modified cases aren't even close to the same as the actual Verizon version sold in Verizon Wireless locations.

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    Good catch.

    I too noticed what looked like a retrofit. I probably should have just bought it online and did the modification myself.

    Oh well I used a store credit anyway.


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