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    We quickly put this App together for Christmas and New Year, PLEASE give us some advise!! Thanks guys!


    Have you sick of the same pattern of incoming-call pictures? It’s much better if you can draw him/her a comic one!

    Now introducing iMadeFace, a funny toy for the coming new year!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The ones you love or the ones you hate, there’s always a way to create them an iconic look and make them really special.

    Millions of unique faces are generated from the facial feature elements database. And you also can make the faces into greeting cards by adding foreground phrases and background themes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Simply slide your fingers to select facial feature and change their colors. Or enjoy the random results by giving your devices a swing.
    Make unique faces!


    Special features:
    1. Numerous facial features and compositions are available
    2. Thoughtful design, easy to use
    3. Swinging your device and have more fun
    4. Special ornaments can be added to facial expression
    5. Set up new incoming call photo display
    6. iPhone 5 compatible

    iTunes link:
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