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    I am curious.

    The 13' No Touch Bar MacBook Pro (baseline) use the i5 6360U, a 15W CPU

    The touchbar one (13', baseline) use the i5 6267U, a 28W CPU

    Both have a turbo boost that goes around 3.1 Ghz/ 3.3 Ghz

    Obviously both CPU demand very different cooling solutions.

    However, let's say Apple made both MacBook Pro cooling exactly the same, would the 15W one would perform relatively similar to a 3.1 Ghz chip under load because it would then be able to cool itself accordingly ?
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    Lower TDP required better cooling or thermal throttling. TDP isn't inherently linked to thermal throttling or cooling, but the lower TDP, the less overhead outside of prime temp ranges. A high end desktop CPU will be capable of handling hotter temps, such as 120*C. A laptop would throttle itself or cause the fan system to go full blast until things reach an alright temperature range. I don't know how OSX handed turbo'ing, but a desktop Intel processor can be said to use full power or varying powder (at least under W7) through the power settings. The lowest you can set it to is 10% of total available power. Your system will be slow as molasses, obviously.

    If the CPU gets too hot, the mobo may take over the settings you set and throttle the CPU while running the fan in active mode as opposed to passive mode. Years ago, if it got too hot, it'd simply shut the computer off. Think of a vacuum cleaner with clogged up bags or canisters. Little airflow causes the thermal switch inside to trip and shut down the power until the internal temperature goes down to operating temps.

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