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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kingston1987, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Hey forums,

    So while on vacation two months ago I dropped my iPhone 6s plus into the ocean for about 10 seconds. I was onshore when this happened so I was able to retrieve it the moment I realized it was out of my pocket. The phone seemed fine but it was glitching out with the phone in headphone mode when it wasn't. That issue went away eventually and the phone was operating fine (although the battery gets hot really fast and drains fairly quickly).

    I had thought about taking it to the apple store and get a out of warranty replacement which would cost me around $330, since someone told me it would EVENTUALLY stop operating because I dropped it in saltwater and I did not take the case a part or properly dry it (got it into a rice bag 3-4 hours later), corrosion is bound to happen. My appointment is this Friday but moments ago I dropped my phone out of pocket while biking and cracked my screen...with a broken screen and eventual corrosion, would it still cost me the same amount of around $330 to get a new one?

    TL;DR : Dropped my phone in the ocean, was still completely functional with the exception of bad battery, cracked phone screen, can I still get my iPhone replaced with the out of warranty replacement program? How does it work? Do I have to give them my current phone? Will I be allowed to wipe the phone in store and have every transferred over beforehand??
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    You go to the Apple Store. Explain your situation. They will tell you its $329 for a replacement device. They will have you wipe your current phone in front of them, then they will take it from you and give you a replacement device. Once you pay, you are on your way.

    Make a backup at home with iTunes or iCloud. You cannot make an iTunes backup in store. After your phone is replaced you can connect to their network to download your iCloud backup, but their network isn't the fastest, so I recommend just doing it at home.

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