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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Shikaka, Jan 9, 2015.

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    I missed my deadline to purchase AppleCare+. I never had to seek help from Apple Technical Support in the past when I had the iPhone 5. In the 4 months that I've owned the 6+, I have already made multiple calls to tech support.

    After my 1 year warranty expires, what kind of technical support, if any, will Apple provide? Will they still help troubleshoot problems over the phone? Or should I expect to hear, "Sorry, you didn't buy AppleCare+"
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    Without purchasing AppleCare+, you will no longer be able to use Phone Support after 90 days since purchasing the device without paying per incident. After the year is up, you can still take it to an Apple Store for an appointment, but whatever needs to be done will be priced at the OOW price.

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    Apple will serve you for whatever it is that your device needs. Repair or replacement AND phone support. The difference is that you will PAY for it - instead of the warranty covering it.

    That said, Apple's OoW prices tend to be less than full price.
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    As the warranty document states, you will be expected to pay for support per incident.
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    Actually, I had my 5S and 6 Plus talked about through AppleCare, the technicians talked to me and replaced my iPhone 6 plus, it just comes to macs they don't come in depth about it
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