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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by oftheheavens, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Well I have been doing the beta testing for about 3 weeks now, and have a brief review for anyone interested in this game. trying to spread the word about this game and get a bunch of people for the factions and such, please read on.

    first of let me start with; this game is unlike any other on the iPhone/pod touch.

    After seeing the website http://outer-empires.com/ I thought, ok cool seems like that could be a big area to explore. Total understatement! This game is huge!

    You start out at level 1, or cadet, and work your way up from doing jobs. Jobs in the beta stage include delivering goods and exploration (scanning distant planets). By no means does it stop there. While doing these jobs you gain xp and credits (OE money).

    First step after getting some credits is to upgrade that scrub of a ship you start out with. I went with the cargo shuttle, so that i could hull more goods and make more cash. Although upgrading your ship isn't that easy (although fun to do), you have to buy the hull, and equip it. Now you can buy all new gear for this light class ship, or the smarter thing to do is strip the old light class ship you started with and use those parts. While the mechanic that chop shops your ship does charge you, it doesn't cost to much. Once you have a new ship the leveling and credit earning speeds up, and now it is time to colonize.

    To colonize, it is as simple as finding an empty non-government run system, and them find an empty planet. Now comes the challenging part, you have to utilize the market to find the flatpack (unbuilt buildings used to colonize the planets) needed to start the colonization. You will need a habit fp (flatpack), a water fp and an edible fp to start. you can find more info on all of this at http://wiki.outer-empires.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

    that is about where i am now, and as i said i have been playing about three weeks.

    now i am not saying this game is perfect (keyword beta). The only frustration i am getting so far is the map system, which we are told will be fixed shortly, and is already ironed out (for the stage the game is in) for the iphone version (i am playing the browser version). Other than the in game map system i am loving this game and can not seem to get away from my computer screen to play fallout 3 (which i am addicted to). Once the map system is fixed, i will be on this game 24/7 browser and iphone.

    The game is going to be 4$ a month from what i hear, and for the depth and awesomeness of this game i would gladly pay more. I don't see a mmo topping this anytime soon.

    check out the forums http://forums.outer-empires.com/ and the links i posted above and see for yourself. Can't wait till this game is officially released and swarmed with new players. Please leave posts if you have any comments or questions, as I am sure that you will get replies from myself and other beta testers.
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    the browser version is due for release on Monday, and the iphone app will follow approx a week after that. hope to see everyone there.
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    I've been watching this app for a little over a week. The iPhone app is taking forever to come out! It's was submitted mid august. It will have been a full 4 weeks as of tomorrow. I am really looking forward to trying out this game.

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