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  1. Dany M macrumors 6502

    Jun 18, 2007
    I am using macfreepops to get all of my hotmail mail to apple mail, its all great and all but i cant seem to find a working outgoing mail server to send mail in hotmail. Can anyone help???
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    Jul 6, 2008
    mail servers for hotmail in Mac OSX Mail

    I have upgraded to Windows Live Hotmail Plus to get mt hotmail account working in my Mac Mail program and finally got all the settings to work to receive and send mail. They are as follows under mail preferences:
    Incoming mail server: pop3.live.com
    put in your username and password for hotmail in the boxes where it asks you to.
    For the outgoing mail server, click on the pull down menu and choose edit server list.
    Add a server and use the address smtp.live.com
    Under the Authentication pull down menu choose Password
    put in your username and password for hotmail in the boxes that appear under the Authentication tab.

    And it works!
    These settings work for iphone too! Just be sure to put your username and password in under the outgoing mail server information where it says optional, and go to advanced settings and put in 25 for the outgoing mail server port and 995 for incoming mail server port. Also make sure SSL is checked.

    It is only $20 dollars a year to upgrade to Windows live hotmail Plus so it was worth it to me to not have to start another email account (Gmail) and have to forward my hotmail account through. That is the only other way I have heard of getting hotmail to work through iphones or mac mail.

    I also read somewhere that if you use the Free version plug in for hotmail that you will only be able to receive mail and not send it, but I am not sure if this is true.

    Hope this helps! It took me a while to figure it out.

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