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    This is my first attempt at making a theme so take it easy on me :p Got bored and decided/tried to make a new(er) signal/wifi theme for all the JB folk out there. Not sure if someone has already made something like this but I didn't see one which is why I went this route. Still a work in progress obviously but figured someone here might appreciate something a little different for their signal/wifi icons.

    SIGNAL Icons
    For this, I decided to go with a 5 shot revolver. Pretty simple and straightforward. 1 bar = 1 round in the chamber, 2 bars = 2 rounds in the chamber, etc.

    WiFi Icons
    This was a little tricky for me since I have no access to the mighty Photoshop nor the skills to go along with it. In line with the outlaw motif, I decided to use hands of cards for the wifi icons.

    No wifi = Poker chip with "no wifi" logo
    Some wifi = 7/2 off suit
    Okay wifi = Full House
    Great wifi = Royal Flush

    I'm still updating this as the wifi icons aren't that great but, hey, I'm still learning :)

    Hope one/some of you will appreciate this.


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    I like it! Using a five shot cylinder for signal and different hands of cards for wifi strength is something new to me. Great for a night out at the saloon. :)
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