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    I just installed MS Office for Mac 2011, created some scheduled events (e.g., Send and Receive All) then decided to delete one. However, I can't delete it (the "–" function doesn't do anything) and when I disable it, it comes back enabled on the next start of Outlook. Any ideas on how to delete it?

    UPDATE: The schedule I was trying to delete is "Send & Receive All" that appears to be a default schedule. I wanted to delete it because I want it set to receive mail from each of my 4 email accounts but instead of holding the list of the 4 accounts, it lists 3 and then repeats the third rather than reflecting the 4th account. The 4th account is a POP account.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: I also note that my selection of the Default Account will not stick. I'll choose an account to be default but when I go back to Preferences/Accounts, there is not account set to be default.
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    You can't delete the default schedules.

    IMAP accounts are not set in Schedules now but in Accounts under Advanced tab. Select server and set time. It defaults to every 2 minutes but some services like Gmail and Yahoo balk at connecting at 2 min.

    Only POP accounts are setup in Schedules now. If you still see IMAP in Schedules, you can remove. It's a left over. Seems this change came with SP2.

    Be sure you are fully updated to9 14.3.8.

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