Outlook 2011 Setting Up Identity after every boot

Discussion in 'macOS' started by B-Met, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2013
    I am running OS X 10.8.5 and Outlook 2011 for Mac version 14.3.7. Both are completely up to date according to the App Store and Microsoft Autoupdate. In recent weeks, every time I start Outlook after I boot/reboot the computer or even just log out and log back in, the Outlook splash screen reports that it is "Setting up identity," which takes about 10 minutes. I have been Googling solutions and trying them for days, to no avail. After following every step in many "solutions," the problem persists after every re-boot.

    I expected the following would finally solve the problem, but it did not.
    1. I deleted all Identities (all content) within /documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities.
    2. In System Preferences, I deleted the two email accounts I use (an Exchange account and a Gmail account).
    3. I ran "Repair Disk Permissions" within Disk Utility (both "normally" and after starting the computer in Recovery Mode.
    4. After a fresh boot, I set up a new Identity called Main Identity in in Microsoft Database Utility and clicked "Rebuild."
    5. I opened Outlook, which opened rapidly since there were no accounts,
    6. Under Tools...Accounts...I successfully added my Exchange Account and then my Gmail account.
    7. I let Outlook sync/download all content for all folders, watching the Progress window until absolutely everything downloaded. Everything seems to be in order. So long as I don't re-boot, Office opens fast and normally (no Setting up Identity delay).
    8. I quit and shutdown and rebooted in Safe Mode.
    9. I shift-opened Outlook to start it in it's "safe mode" which was quick and successful. I closed Outlook and shutdown.
    10. I booted into Recovery Mode and ran the Repair Disk Permissions in the Disk Utility and ran Repair Disk for good measure. (No problems).
    11. I rebooted normally, waited until everything "calmed down" and started Outlook normally.

    But, it still took about 10 minutes to Set up identity again after all this!!

    I am out of ideas and suggestions that I can find with Google. It can't be a corrupted Identity after all this, can it? Unless someone can offer a suggestion that works, my next two options that I can think of are to have my organization reinstall Office and install all updates and if that doesn't work, the nuclear option of reinstalling OS X and starting from scratch all over.

    Any help will be appreciated!
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    Ran across this post, which is solving a different problem, but thought it might help you out with yours also. Basically I think this solution is completely blowing away outlook's memory of any setup ever and starting over. Hope it helps.

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