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    Is there an alternative single app that has email, calendar and contact support like Outlook, but supports non-Exchange solutions like iCloud and Gmail? At work I have an Exchange-based system and really like the integration of Outlook, but unfortunately Microsoft refuses to support CalDAV and CardDAV in Outlook. I need something for my personal account that will sync email, contacts and calendar on my phone and PC. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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    You could try Airmail. The beta version is free to download and fully usable. So you don't have to purchase it in the App Store and may test it before that. I'm not sure if it has a calendar or a plugin for it, because it is installed on my other MacBook at home and I had no need for a calendar.
    It has integrated very much online storage services like Dropbox and OneDrive for saving attachments I think and also syncs accounts over iCloud.

    I like it very much. Works with all accounts I tried (iCloud, Gmail, GMX, AOL, Outlook and some unpopular others).

    There will also be an iOS version soon, that can sync your accounts from the Mac application. I have a free beta of that too, but you can't register for it anymore and have to wait a little.


    Just click on Beta and download the new version from yesterday.

    Edit: I tried several e-mail clients before, because Apple Mail just has too much issues with my main e-mail provider, if I have more than one account there. Found nothing better.
    Postbox seems also to be very good at all. It has a trial version and even if you buy it you can get your money back within 60 days or so. I can't remember why I cancelled the purchase, but I got my money back very fast.


    I might remember it is able to use Thunderbird extensions.
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    On iOS the Outlook app has mail, contacts and calendars all in one. Works with iCloud and Gmail. You just have to accept the fact that your credentials and info will be stored on Microsoft's servers...not a small thing.

    On the Mac, I don't know.

    The reason Outlook on the PC (and to a lesser extent on the Mac) works so well is because of Exchange and its feature set and not so much because of the app itself.

    Since an IMAP email, CardDav contacts and CalDAV calendar are separate entities you might as well use the Mac's built-in apps as they do a pretty good job of meshing the info together.

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