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Nov 6, 2013
Basingstoke, UK
Last week I noticed my Outlook account in Apple Mail on my Mac (Sierra 10.12.6) wasn't receiving any emails. No emails are received from whatever device I send from. There is a pop up in Outlook that says email incoming but nothing appears. Apple mail thinks it has sent it OK. Tried everything but any mail from IOS or OSX refuses to load in Outlook. Even if I go to the Outlook website there is nothing in the inbox. However I have just sent an email from a Windows laptop and it appears in the Outlook website inbox. It got sent to the Outlook account Junk folder in Apple mail. There are no Junk filters set up. I've deleted and rebuilt the Outlook account but its still the same

This strikes me as a MS and Apple issue somewhere that is corrupting emails from the Apple server as Outlook Website thinks a mail is incoming as I get a pop up. Any thoughts ? Should I report to Apple ...
I'm using Outlook (Office365) on my 2017 MacBook Pro with OS 10.13.1, and I haven't noticed any problems. Then again, I'm also in the MS beta update program, so the most current version of Outlook is 16.9. Not sure if this may be the reason that I'm not experiencing the same issue.

Sidebar: I'm concurrently running Apple Mail and Gmail in the background to compare performance differences and features. While each mail service has their strong-points, I prefer Outlook due to its features and clean interface.


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
Is the OP referring to an account in the Mail app? Or in Microsoft Outlook? Or is it an Exchange Account in one or the other?

If it's an account in the Mail app the account should be set up as "Exchange" when adding it to System Preferences>Internet Accounts.
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