Outlook and Iphone sync through Bluetooth

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    Jan 23, 2009
    After being a faithful Nokia users for years, I decided to try the Iphone 3G. Setup was easy, setup of mail was easy, sync through cable was easy and I got my mail, calendar and contact without any problems .... But here the easy and good times stopped.
    I have always sync through Bluetooth with all prior phones and it has been a peace of cake.
    After spending hours on this issue I find out that Iphone does not allow this?
    It had never occurred to me that a phone of this caliber would not.

    Now the question.
    Does anybody know WHAT posses Apple to Ignore this important feature?
    That is the most ridicules thing I have ever encountered as we are living in a wireless society.
    What stupid employee at Apple has sat down and said ... Bluetooth/wireless sync between a PC and Iphone ..Naahh ... don’t need it. DOOOH I say ! That guy must be nominated for the Homer Simpson award of the year.
    For me personal .... Iphone is history as I know this will annoy me more than anything and I will let the Iphone and ITunes rot.
    One less user here.
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    Feb 10, 2008
    I was also quite disappointed that the iPhone wasn't going to have bluetooth syncing, but I did enough research before purchasing it that I knew that it didn't. At first, it seemed like a ridiculous nuisance to have to use the cable, but now it doesn't bother me at all (except when I see my husband sync his Treo w/o a cable. :rolleyes: )

    When you research phones (I have spent many hours recently doing just that for a friend), almost all phones are lacking features that SHOULD be included. None of the phones have everything. Sprint, for example, is notorious for disabling many of the bluetooth features on their phones. For example, you cannot transfer pictures via bluetooth on any of the Sprint phones that I've tested because they want you to use their crazy PictureMail service.

    I have no idea why Apple didn't include this feature, just like some other glaring omissions. All you can do is thoroughly research all of the phones available on the market and determine which phone is missing fewest of the features that you need. Personally, I found the ability to jailbreak (to add some important features like cut/paste and Backgrounder to run apps in the background) and the ability to choose from 15,000 apps from the AppStore more than make up for it's shortcomings.

    Good luck in your search!

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