Outlook for Mac 2011 restore old data after new install of program

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  1. 1122ads macrumors newbie

    Oct 21, 2014
    I put an SSD on my macbook pro 8,1 and migrated my old hard disk over there. Something happened with office 2011 so I reinstalled it. It was painstaking as I wasn't able to just put the disk in and re-install. I found some instructions for deleting the program and it's relevant files, and only then was I able to re-install the program.

    Fine, but the trouble is, my outlook data is gone.

    When I go to the old SATA drive, the data is still there in outlook. But when I export it, then import into the outlook on the SSD, it imports it as a new folder, and loses all the category data, and there are no emails.

    I tried just replacing the 'Microsoft User Files' folder, and it caused outlook to not be able to restart. So I went to the office database utility and rebuilt the database. Now I can use outlook, but no data.

    So the question: Is there a way to more directly 'replace' the outlook data from my old SATA drive version?:(:)
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    Dec 12, 2014
    Hi how to inport Catergoes,

    Hey Sorry probably not the right tread. But I thought I should inform people if they don't know how to import Calendar Categories into their MS outlook

    (Which should work for all data imports into MS Outlook 2011 for mac.)

    1.) Copy the files over.

    Similar to this:
    ~ Documents ▸ Microsoft User Data ▸ Office 2011 Identities ▸ Main Identity ▸ Data Records ▸ Categories ▸ 0T ▸ 0B ▸ 0M ▸ 0K

    into the new identity.
    Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ ant ▸ Documents ▸ Microsoft User Data ▸ Office 2011 Identities ▸ Main Identity 2▸ Data Records ▸ Categories ▸ 0T ▸ 0B ▸ 0M ▸ 0K

    2.) Rebuild the Database

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