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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by thewhitehart, Oct 30, 2015.

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    This problem began under 9.1 for me and continues with the first public beta of 9.2.

    I have Outlook for my own domain. I use the Apple Mail app, and the Outlook account is set up under the Mail app's own "Add Outlook.com account" option. Suddenly, under 9.1, my email stopped arriving. I received server connection errors, and password requests for my "Exchange" account. But it's not set up as an Exchange account.

    I added and re-added the account, reset phone, changed Outlook password and tried to re-add again, toggled two-factor identification and shuffled Outlook individual app passwords, etc. No dice.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I remember the 1990s when email apps worked with any email address. :(
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    sorry I can't help. one thing I wanted to say is I'm pretty sure setting up as outlook.com will in many cases still create an exchange account, as outlook.com supports it and it's Apple's preferred method (that is, ability to push instead of fetch)

    anyway perhaps set up as exchange? perhaps MS are using different servers for @outlook.com and other addresses (even if accessed at outlook.com) and perhaps the server Apple use when you set up an outlook.com account is for the former? just guessing. try exchange, where you may be able to specify the server details, which I'm sure you can get from MS.
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    I got the same issue but it's working for me now. Here the thread:

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