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    I have searched high and low, and no dice- I have spent 40+ hours trying to get an HTML to render correctly in Outlook using VMWare. I've run my code past developers that test on a "true PC" and it works great, but for me, it just keeps kicking in one <td> cell.

    Is anyone aware of this problem? Is there a "fix"? My IT group swears there is no way this is a VMWare issue- they think its a Mac thing. The email renders on all web browsers (IE, FF, Safari) fine, and renders fine on a real PC, just NOT in Outlook (2007) on VMWare. I have no way to constantly test my emails, so I need to find a fix. Please help!


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    There's no way this is a VMWare or Mac thing. It's a Virtual Machine... for all purposes it is (a) Windows (machine). Try creating a fresh VM and loading Outlook '07 on it.

    Hell I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    Edit: You could also try creating the VM on Oracle VirtualBox (its free). Just in the (very very) slight chance it is VMWare causing the problem.

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