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Jun 29, 2012
Hi guys, I have just bought an intel imac G5 17" isight version but the screen has broke on it. Is it possible to get an adapter to output onto a VGA LCD or TV?

I have attached a picture of my ports available, also I am in the UK if that makes a difference at all.

Thank you,


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Dec 12, 2002
Yes, thread necromancy. But in case anyone else comes searching for this, FORTY2J's INFORMATION IS WRONG.

The iMac G5 predates Mini DisplayPort by about a decade. The PICTURED port is mini DVI, which would need an adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NMN8VD0

But... All iMac G5s came with mini VGA - a different custom-to-Apple connector. You would need a mini VGA to VGA adapter, part 603-0607, such as this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303263059145

The first couple generations of Intel iMac used mini DVI, indicating that the original poster's iMac is an Intel iMac, not an iMac G5.

That port on the far right is the Mini Display Port. You need an adapter like this one:


If your TV takes DVI or HDMI input, there's adapters for that too.
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