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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by paulhannon, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Ok i've asked before about this issue and some have said high temps are normal, and i yes i agree. But surely this isn't? (see screen capture)

    92ºC? Another 8º and i might as well chuck out my kettle and rename my macbook pro the "iBoil"!

    As you'll see im watching a youtube video as i took the screen grab and i understand flash is a bitch but hardly this bad? It often hits around 85ºC+
    It's gotten so hot around the vent it can hurt to touch, it actually will burn you!

    As i write, this very computer is currently at 74ºC! My older MacBook Pro (15" 2 year old one) won't exceed 65ºC and rarely do the fans ramp up any higher than 3000rpm!

    Sure the processors now can take higher temps and will withstand 90ºC+, but for how long and why does my mac even allow it to get that high? I'm losing confidence in this machine.

    Its a standard 4/5 month old 13" MacBook Pro with a 500gb HDD being the only extra on it.
    OSX 10.6.2

    Thoughts please and thanks

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    My MBP rarely exceeds 60 ºC. Most of the time it's below 45 ºC.

    However, I did have a problem awhile back. It was due to having selected icon preview and show item info in show view options for many windows in Finder. I also deleted the apple.com.Finder.plist. Since then the temps have been fine.
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    Nov 2, 2008
    When my MacBook Pro 13" is topped out for about half an hour, it can reach about 98-100º, but when the fan kicks it from 4,000rpm to 6,100rpm, it stays at about 88º.

    It's never too hot to touch and it doesn't hurt my lap at all. Does anyone know how hot the hottest PowerBook got? For that to be painful it had to be hella hella hot.

    I've never had my machine overheat.
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Thanks. Are you using the same mac as mine? 13" MBP?

    How do i change those view options? I 90% of the time have mine in a list

    Will deleting apple.com.Finder.plist not cause me problems?
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    Where bunnies are welcome.
    I have a 13" 2.26 GHz MBP.

    You go into Finder and right click on the page to bring up view options as a choice. The main one to fix is Desktop from the research I did when I found this out as a fix.

    Deleting the .plist will do nothing but revert everything in Finder back to the way it was when you first installed OSX. Just copy it to the Desktop before deleting, and you'll definitely not have a problem. If for some reason you do, copy the .plist back.

    After you do all this check Activity Monitor. You shouldn't have 70% using youtube.

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