Overclocking to 1.5 Ghz possible!


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Jun 25, 2002
LaLaLand, CA
The new 1.25s are not overclocked. Motorola has had the capability to run at a 166.67 MHz FSB for awhile now, Apple didn't. Now they do. Motorola rated the 1 and 1.25 GHz G4s to run at those speeds cofortably, so that's what they are. It's a common mistake (most people don't understand what "overclocking" really means), and since you were more asking a question than stating it as fact, I think we can all let it slide this time. With a warning :).

Not that anyone was TOO harsh on you, it could have been much worse (wherefor art though Alpha).

Don't forget your *smilies* when you're being sarcastic people :p ;) :D.

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May 19, 2002
Originally posted by solvs
Don't forget your *smilies* when you're being sarcastic people :p ;) :D.
Hey I'm just been lazy lately in attaching smilies, and I don't want people to think I trying to
people for saying extremely stupid things.

If the people can continue to think that it's an alien conspiracy making Apple overclock CPUs, I say let them live in their fantasy world - real life probably isn't too pretty for them anyway.


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Dec 15, 2001
Originally posted by tjwett
Take a look at the discussion forum for the Mirror Door PMs over at Apple's site and you'll see what I mean. Lots of folks over there having lots of problems.
Gee, people having problems are going to the SUPPORT forums!?! Who'da Thunk It? ;)