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    Nov 23, 2005
    I have a 6800GT I would like to over clock it.. Can this be done? If so can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
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    I flashed a 6800 to my G4 (click on the 6800GT in my sig to read more). Stock speeds for the Mac 6800GT are 350Mhz GPU and 1000MHz memory. The PC 6800 GS I flashed ran @ 400MHz GPU and 1100MHz memory in the PC before I flashed it....at idle it was running fairly hot at 86 degrees celsius, but under stress the fan kicked on and kept it in the low 60s. As a flashed card the fan runs constantly in the Mac so at the stock settings of 350/1000 it runs between 60-65C at all times, which is nice and cool. I decided not to mess around with OC'ing since the G4 tower has less than ideal airflow.

    There is a windows app called Riva Tuner which is the best for fiddling with card settings if you are into flashing.

    On the Mac side, you can use Graphiccelerator. I also highly recommend downloading the Temperature Monitor app from the Versiontracker website. You generally don't want your card running into the 80s much, so you need to keep an eye on temps.

    A word of warning: overclocking a video card, if done right, will give you a small performance jump at the cost of a hotter running card. There is also a good chance that the card will be destroyed if it gets too hot. And every card is different in terms of how much of an OC it can take without frying. Personally I woudn't try OC'ing your card beyond 400/1100MHz or so, unless you buy a more powerful heatsink/fan setup to replace the one that's there. Even then, keep an eye on Temperature Monitor and adjust the settings until the card stays in reasonable temps. If it idles in the high 70s or 80s it may be running a little too hot.

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