Overheating in Windows - fan doesn't speed up

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by nick123222, May 29, 2010.

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    The main thing that I use Windows for on my Macbook Pro 13 is for gaming. I have been having a problem recently where my games go extremely slowly after about 15 mins and have to be minimised for about 5 mins before they will work properly again. I used PC Wizard 2009 to display the temperatures and fan speeds of my computer and I discovered that my games stop working properly after the Graphics card temperature goes over 90˚C. PC wizard is also showing that the exhaust fan is not revving up above 2000rpm however hot the computer gets. I know that the base speed for the fan is 2000rpm as this is what istat pro shows under OSX when the computer is at idle. When I play games under OSX the fan revs up to about 3500rpm - 4000rpm when the CPU starts to get hot. Is the fan not speeding up a fault in Bootcamp or is there a problem with my hardware / drivers?
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    There are many threads on and around this issue, please search for them.

    In brief however - yes it does seem to be the case that fans don't work "as well" under bootcamped windows, and so it is possible to get unhealthy temperatures on the windows side if you are putting your machine through a real workout.

    If you are concerned/you are sure it is heat that is producing unacceptable behaviours, trad solutions include smcfancontrol (what I use, on a desktop), and/or a laptop cooling pad of some description.

    As I say this is a well-debated issue, search for smcfancontrol or similar.

    Good luck!

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