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    Jun 1, 2009
    Apple came out and said during the presentation that this device is supposed to fill a gap inbetween a laptop and a smartphone. Obviously the iPad leans more towards a large smartphone than a laptop but still fills the defined gap as promised. Comparisons to any other type of computer (at least according to Apple) is needless because they see the iPad as a new type of mobile device.

    Now I know everyone was expecting a full fledged computer in a tablet, but has Apple not given you exactly what they said they're giving you? Laptops are meant for certain things, smartphones are meant for certain things (especially the phone part). The iPad takes parts from both worlds. It seems to be an amazing multimedia device, can surf the web on a nicely sized screen, can perform typical web functions like reading emails, and finally has the ability to run an office suite. I approve but will not buy one myself at the moment as it is redundant considering I already have a MBP and a 3GS.

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    I don't know if everyone was expecting that.

    I think some people were. Even, apparently, people who regularly kept up with things here, which is weird, because it has been fairly obvious that it was going be going the blown up iPhone/Touch route for a while.

    People have sci-fi dreams of a tiny computer that lets them do everything and then some. For them, I say baby steps people.

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