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Mar 12, 2009
Nashville, TN
I'm just going to give a plug to Other World Computing. I bought a 240GB SSD for my 2011 MBA 11" and it did not come with the required screwdrivers to install it. Even though their own YouTube installation video states clearly that the tools ARE included, the product page didn't specifically state that it wasn't included, and the link to buy such a part from the SSD product page was broken.

After getting on Live Chat with OWC in which I explained the problems, they promptly informed me that they would make an exception and overnight the part to me free of charge.

WAY TO GO OWC! That's a company that understands that customer loyalty is worth owning mistakes and making it right.

I will be buying from them in the future and I recommend you do too.


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Mar 23, 2012
Good to hear. I'm thinking about getting an ssd from them, I currently have the base 64gb in my 11" 2012 air. it seems like it's a great product, but one of my concerns is that I will void my warranty. What happens if something goes wrong with my air, I wont be able to take it to an apple store. What are your thoughts about that? Btw, please let us know about the performance and ease of installation.


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Feb 23, 2012
It's a great product, easy to fit, and what's more my kit came with all the parts and tools :D


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Dec 26, 2007
I've used them for years, probably averaged a couple of orders a month since I don't know when. I found their service to be much better then the average vendor and the products are at least as good. They are a quality vendor indeed. :)


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Jul 1, 2010
I've bought a few things from them...memory, external enclosures, and optibay drives. Always been a great experience. Can't wait until they come out with reasonably priced Thunderbolt enclosures so I can replace my FireWire ones.

I might actually be ordering some more iMac RAM from them this holiday season to go from 8GB to 16 or maybe 32 if the price drops by then.


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Jun 2, 2006
I bought a mercury aura 240gb for my 2013 air. They gave me the tools required to open and install it, so you were just having a bad luck day.

Talking about bad luck, i ordered it from indonesia, so shipping costed about $50 and the custom tax i had to pay for my government is about $100 damn!

The item recieved very well and fast from dhl international express, but when i tried to install it, it didn't fit! Shipping it back is no option to me because the damn thing will be more expensive with the shipping fee and custom tax again.

I took the risk and bought a sandpaper, shaved the pcb board by approximately 0.6mm to make it fit. Luckily it's working fine! The speed is amazing.

I tried the live chat support to complain anout this, i said to them, please check the item first before u ship it to the other side of the world, because fee ain't cheap!

They told me they already tested it in their macbook air unit and it fitted well. Then i said to them, well, it might be the unit was growing big when on the airplane or your macbook air is becoming loose because every mercury aura pro u shipped has made love so many times to your macbook air unit. Lol.

Im done with this company!


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Feb 23, 2012
Mixed experiences

Well there are clearly some mixed experiences but I can only offer more praise.

I have just received a 500GB hybrid SATA drive and Mac Mini second drive kit. Arrived from the US to UK in 3 working days, everything as described, installed in no time following their excellent instructions.

I would have no hesitation in using again.
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