OWC Aura PCIe SSD Installed in Early 2015 MBP - Concerns?


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Jun 26, 2007
I was hoping to get some feedback from the MBP gurus out there. I wrote the below email to MacSales customer support. Their reply is below as well. Does that sound legitimate or bogus? Based on their logic, the same laptop from Apple that came stock with 256/512 gb SSD would have the same issue, right? If my experience doesn't seem normal, any suggestions on how to resolve it?

I have the new SSD installed and working, but I've been noticing that the computer seems to get quite warm now directly below where the new SSD was installed (compared to the factory SSD), battery seems to drain faster, and tonight I had an issue where the fans kicked in loud for the first time ever since I've had the laptop (several chrome tabs, skype video call, MS Excel and iTunes were open). I don't know if any of these things are related to the new SSD, but I didn't notice any of it until the new drive was installed. Also, I didn't remove anything from the heatsink on the new SSD module.

Operating System: OS 10.12.3
Mac Model ID: MacBookPro12,1
Product Name: 240GB OWC Aura PCIe SSD

Thank you for contacting OWC. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

The newer SSD will generate a bit more heat as it is larger in size and higher performance, it is still within spec.

The battery does drain a bit quicker as it is a higher performance drive.

The fan comes on to keep it cool as you had many things open and it responds to heat.

The items you mention are to be expected and nothing to be concerned with


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Nov 9, 2015
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