OWC Data Doubler - Quality Problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by sk3tch, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I was about half-way through my OWC Data Doubler install (2011 MBP 15.4", 2.2) when I got to the part where you take the silver bracket off of the optical drive and transfer it to the OWC Data Doubler. The instructions say to use the same screws - no matter what I did, no catch. I hate calling technical support but I figured since I paid a premium for this product I may as well give it a shot. They answered quickly and after telling him my issue he asked if the screw holes in the OWC Data Doubler were threaded...ugh...no! Long story short they are sending me one tonight and I will get it tomorrow (they're in the Chicago area and I'm in Minneapolis) through a cross-ship exchange. I complained that this was ridiculous to pay a premium for a product like this and have something like this slip through. Meanwhile my MacBook Pro is half open and I had to tidy up a bit. Since it should arrive tomorrow I am just going to leave it as-is.

    What a royal pain in the butt. Just a word of warning to all of you - CHECK THE SCREW THREADS ON YOUR OWC DATA DOUBLER PRIOR TO YOUR INSTALL. They must be getting enough calls that they had a bad batch or something because it was the first thing he suggested.

    If I didn't like the sturdiness of this unit AND if I could wait longer I would have just got my money back and gone with someone else. Quite the inconvenience.
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    Feb 9, 2011
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    thats awful.. after hearing the horror stories re the ebay disasters, i figured i would gor the max upgrade model that owc rebranded as the data doubler

    thinks i will go for new modeus, never heard of any complaints and will be coppin vertex 3

    thanks for the heads-up matey

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