OWC Mercury Extreme Pro -- OS X install doesn't detect it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mixvio, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    I just bought and received the 480 gig Mercury Extreme Pro drive. I plugged it into my 2011 13" MacBook Pro and went to start the installation sequence whereupon the disk wasn't detected whatsoever. I knew it came unformatted, but it was as if nothing was plugged in at all. The bootup itself also took an incredibly long time, almost ten minutes, and I thought it had hung a few times.

    I put it into an enclosure, plugged it into a Windows machine which did detect it, so I initialised it there and plugged said enclosure back into the MBP and restarted the installation. This time the boot was almost immediate and the drive was detected correctly, so I formatted the drive completely under Disk Utility, shut off the MacBook Pro, put the drive back in physically, and rebooted.

    Once again the boot took a very long time and once again when the installation finally did start up, the drive wasn't detected.

    This is immensely frustrating, especially over a $1000 drive, so is there anything I'm doing wrong?

    I bought the MBP a couple days ago so it's still within the return period if something's wrong with the laptop itself, but I was hoping there's something simple I've done incorrectly which will fix this right away. Nothing I saw on the site suggested that the 13" machines are unsupported and since it seems to be detected in Windows (and Disk Utility when not plugged into the machine's SATA cable) I'm hoping it's not the drive either since getting it shipped to Australia was a nightmare I don't want to go through again.
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    more info please. which MBP which version of OWC mercury?
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    It actually sounds like you might just be out of luck and have a DOA drive. OWC should be able to hook you up with a new one quickly.
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    @mixvio: How have you installed the Mac OS on the SSD? I have the same drive in my 15" MBP 2011. I installed the drive in an external USB drive enclousure, booted from the internal HDD, started Disk Utility and formatted the SSD with GPT partition and OSX journaled filesystem.

    Copied a few large files to test the basic functionality. Then I cloned my HDD system onto the SSD (still in the USB enclousure) with SuperDuper. After that I exchanged the HDD with the SSD.

    You should test your SSD first in an external USB drive encousure if you can.

    Otherwise install it in the MBP, boot from the Mac OS X DVD and run Disk Util to format the drive and test it.
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