owc or ocz-240 g ssd sata6-which is better

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mediasorcerer, Jul 21, 2011.

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    hey i know this has been asked maybe 1 million times,but help me here,they are around the same price,i have used a last gen ocz vertex 2 on last mbpro 15,had no probs[even managed firmware update in win ],going for 6g one now for newer 2011 15",and tossing up between the two,i have dealt with owc and found them to be a good bunch so far,
    it all comes down to=compatability mainly,anyone having troubles with owc mercury? or ocz v 3?

    or are there other brands to consider too?corsair force for example,? intel?

    im spending 550-600 aus dollars, 240 g, sata 3-6gbps

    any thoughts about this please,or experience with either in mbpro i7 2011 models?
    or suggestions for other brands? any help is appreciated frankly,to those who are offended at my post,just dont read it,lol.:p
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    For performance it doesn't really matter. OWC has 5 year warranty while OCZ has 3. Both company's have pretty poor Mac firmware update support.

    Reliability of Sandforce drives on Newegg looks pretty bad.

    Personally I'd rather avoid all the Sandforce issues and go with Crucial M4. It's been 100% stable with firmware 2 and the firmware updates are easy on MBP 2011.

    As much as I liked the Crucial M4, I ended up selling it. I now use a 500GB Seagate XT hybrid drive, much cheaper and nearly the same performance for my light usage. As can be seen in my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMldqf5oUZw
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    in my 2011 mbp 13 in I'm using an owc electra ssd and love it. very solid drive and owc has always had an amazing customer service dept.
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    Haha, he posts the same youtube video every time someone has a question about what SSD to buy. :D

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